The Homer Game !!!!!


Cash and Hot music - How it works....


- Step one    - buy a CD of my band, 'The Hardways' for $20 - (read the review here)

- Step two    - tell 5-20 friends / colleagues to do the same (if you can stand to....haha)

- Step three - Instead of paying marketing fees to some record company, I'm paying them to you for ANY CD sales that happen as a result of you (including people you tell who tell people and so on and so on)


If that's enough for you, then click here to grab your CD, email me your name and the person who told you about the game's name, you're then registered. You can then forget the following intricate explanation, but for those of you wanting more details, here you go.........




I know, it sounds too good to be true and we've heard it all before. But this time it's a no lose situation, coz click here to read a review of the review of the album, and see how this promotional exercise to move a few albums by my band 'The Hardways,' is a no lose situation given the rave reviews. 


We've all been hit up by friends and family for several hundred dollars just for some sign up kit for AMWAY or some other 'network marketing' or other system, and let's face it, due to the crap reputation systems like that have and the high sign up costs, not too mention all the 'meetings' you're expected to attend, etc, it's all just too hard. Well, I know how you feel, and this game is exactly the opposite, it's a game. If you earn a few bucks, great. If not, you get an awesome CD for $20 and who cares, no harm done. 


And here's the thing, you're willing to do it, to buy a CD from an entrepreneurial muso who is disallusioned with the traditional methods of record companies, so surely 20 people you know may wanna play too, and all you gotta do is get 20 people to grab one, and yours is COMPLETELY FREE, as you get $1 from the sale of every CD you have introduced or anyone you introduced has introduced for 10 LEVELS !!


For any of you who know the principle here, I have budgeted for ten levels of payments to be made at a dollar a referral. So, of the $20 paid for each CD, some is for covering the costs of recording, printing, mastering and advertising, etc, and the remaining 10 dollars of each CD sold gets paid to you, the person who introduced you, and so on for 10 levels. See how the numbers add up in the two examples below. 


I know what you're thinking, 'These diagrams below look remarkably 'Amwayey!!'' Well I am no graphic artist so once the CD sales are chugging along nicely, I'll re do this page to help you guys out with your referrals. 

See the diagrams below - 





I appreciate those numbers are flat out ridiculous and I doubt whether I'll be selling 1,000,000 albums, but who knows, stranger things have happened. Be a part of the madness early and as I said, $1 per CD sold in your downline for 10 LEVELS.   


So go ahead, take a $20 punt, get a great CD, and who knows, you might be the first to rave about some freak muso tried to do an 'amway' album launch and sent you a cheque for $1000. Nothing to lose !!






PS - I am a musician with an idea to get my (and my buddies') music on the ears of a lot of people and pay them accordingly to do so. My mobile phone number is on the 'Contact Us' page and you can speak directly to me if you have any doubts as to my authenticity.

This system is simple, tested and works, and will earn the people who help me get this music out there a lot of cash. So if anyone has ever had a dream, even of being involved in the management and promotion of an artist, you might understand where I'm coming from and get caught up in the hype that is sure to follow. Thanks, 











© 2007 Homer
Created by  magicdust